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December 2-5,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

Relieve bronchiospasm, loosen mucus, relieve cough

1.Ingredients in 5ml: - Ivy leaf extract: 35 mg - Cajuput essential oil 0.25 mg - Ginger essential oil: 0.25 mg - Coleus leaf essential oil: 0.25 mg - Kumquat juice, rock sugar, sufficient 5ml 2.Uses: - Respiratory tract warming, muscus loose, cough relief - Reduce cough due to bronchitis, dry cough, allergic cough, wet cough. - Vomiting and burping relief when coughing in children. 3.Objects: Adults and children with cough due to bronchitis, respiratory tract infection, allergic cough, etc… 4.Dosage - Children under 2 years: 2.5ml/ time, 3 times per day. - Children 2-5 years: 5 ml/ time or 1-2 packets/ time, 3-4 times per day. - Children over 5 years and adults: 5-10 ml/ time, 3-4 times per day. 5.Packing - Bottle of 110ml - Box of 20 packages, package of 5ml ; 6.Expiration date: 36 months after manufacture THE PRODUCT IS USED FOR INFANTS AND SMALL CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS