26-th International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum
December 2-5,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

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We are proud to have earned a stellar reputation as a result; we are beloved by parents and trusted by midwives and doulas. Choosing Baby Teva means caring for yourself, your baby, and your family in the safest and most effective way.

Baby Teva was founded in 1999 by Bila Harel after her own search for natural products left her wanting. “When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I looked for natural solutions for that special time - and beyond. I found nothing.” Using her background in aromatherapy and experience as a doula, she began formulating her own compounds at home. In time, and as she shared her mixtures with friends and family, word spread and the demand grew. She soon knew she was addressing an unmet - and essential - need. “As a mother, I wanted to create something other mothers could trust - and that would work. Simple as that.”

Since then, Baby Teva has grown to become Israel’s leading natural baby company, and Bila has become the preeminent authority for doulas, midwives and mothers for natural remedies for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


Baby Teva

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Peri Pad - Postpartum Protection and Comfort for Your Patients
Sterile postpartum pads, Peri Pad is necessary in order to reduce inflammation and numb the perineum after childbirth.

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