26-th International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals Products
International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum
December 2-5,  Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

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Address: The Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana oblast, Occupancy district, St Rosemergy-94

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Team Mehrigiyo synthesized the achievements of modern pharmaceuticals and ancient Eastern medicine. Natural juice Alatoo Mehrigiyo normalizes gastrointestinal tract, improves liver function, kidneys, brain, cleanses the respiratory organs and vessels, reduces the risk of prostatitis, natural safe laxative drug. Gently cleanses the intestines.
Useful healing properties of juice Alatoo Mehrigiyo of bitter melon papaya is used for:
Cleanse the liver and blood vessels
Eliminate the parasites and toxins
Improve digestion
Strengthen the immune system
Natural juice of a bitter melon and papaya cleanses the body of toxins, toxins, removes various parasites, along with larvae, strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates the body.
The great Avicenna considered the juice of bitter melon (Colocynth) one of the most healing natural remedies and added to the composition of the balms, specially prepared for khans.
Periodic application of natural juice Alatoo Mehrigiyo helps to efficiently, safely and easily clean the entire intestines, to improve digestion, to quickly normalize the functioning of liver, to get rid of parasites, to prevent the most common diseases and enjoy a healthy life.
Team Mehrigiyo wish everybody good health and long life!


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